My Camera Gear


RED Epic 6K Dragon

This camera creates beautiful imagery with amazing raw footage while also providing high frame rates up to 120FPS at 4K.

RED Dragon_With_Nikon_80_200MM.jpg

Lens Kit: Nikon Nikkor

Nikkor lenses are born from a tradition of elite craftsmanship. We have an entire kit.

  • 17-35mm F2.8

  • 24-70mm F2.8

  • 70-200mm F2.8

  • 80-200mm F2.8

  • 200-400mm F4


DJI Ronin

For smooth and quick dolly shots and dynamic jib movements we entrust our DJI Ronin to capture these moments.



Lighting is a hugely important part of cinematography. Natural light is always nice, but not always ideal. We have an essential kit to be able to light any interview or product shoot.