About Me


My name is Caleb Norman.  I was born and raised in San Diego California in an action sports environment.  I started out shooting BMX films with my friends at the age of 15.  Instantly I fell in love with the process of creating.  I spent 4 years at Palomar College out of high school getting a degree in Digital Media before I interned at Mad Media, a production company based out of San Diego.  From there I worked my way from the bottom.  Starting out as a eager hungry intern working my way up to lead cinematographer and editor.  Now I am starting my own journey.

Lets Tell Your Story

Everyday there is a story or journey to be told. There are many ways to dictate a story. Through words, pictures and here say. But by far, my favorite way to tell a story is through the art of cinematography.

I’ve spent the last 15 years honing my skills and perfecting the craft of cinematography to tell these stories. There have been ups and downs in my journey, but each day is a new day to push forward and continue perfecting my craft.

Come join me in the quest to tell the perfect story through powerful imagery, beautiful visuals, and crisp clean acoustics. All these ingredients blend together to create a film that speaks for itself.